Bull Shoals Lake is back to its normal pool level for this time of year!  All flood gates and conduits were closed on Monday, February 22nd.  Bull Shoals Dam Operations is reporting that 6 generators are still operating and the flow is just under 12,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). 

You can see how much the river level has changed from the river cam.  On the bank to the left of the dock, we have placed 3 orange fence posts.  There is one at the edge of the current water level at nearly 12,000 cfs. The next one up marks the level of a full 8 generators at 25,000 cfs.  The highest post marks the level when the conduits were open, equal to about 10 generators and flowing at near 30,000 cfs. Our plan is to continue establishing a way for you to visualize how much flow there really is, no matter what the report from the operations center says.

Below is a copy of the chart produced by the Corps of Engineers that shows both the elevation of the lake and the elevation of the river as of earlier today, Feb 24th.  The top chart in red shows the lake level measured as feet above sea level.  The top of the power pool is considered to be 659 until the first of April, and the chart shows the level to be essentially 659.5.  The green chart shows the river level (TW for tail water) in feet above sea level. The current level is showing 457.6 feet.  Minimum flow of the river is something close to 451, so the river has about 6 ½ feet of water above the minimum. I expect they will continue to release water at this rate until the lake reaches 659 or a little lower.

 bulsdam_2 022416.jpg

Other charts found on the Corps of Engineers web site will show that they are releasing water from Beaver Lake and through Table Rock Lake, the two reservoirs above Bull Shoals Lake.  Bull Shoals will continue to pass this water on down the river until all the lakes reach their seasonal pool levels, probably in just a few days.

You can find these charts by going to http://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Missions/WaterLevels.aspx.  In the box to the right side choose “Real Time Data (Reservoir)”. Under the “White River System” heading, choose “Bull Shoals Lake” to see what we are getting here and the charts similar to what I copied above.

This has been a very mild winter for us and that trend sure looks to be continuing.  Spring looks to be coming very quickly. We already have many bookings, but there is still some space available and we will always do whatever we can to work out a great trip for you.  Check your calendar, find somebody to bring with you, and give us a call.  We would be glad to have you.

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