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The Resort
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Your Favorite Destination for Southern Hospitality & White River Fishing

The Resort

Relive some old memories, make some new memories

White Hole Resort view 

Every place that is significant has a name, as does the White Hole Resort.  It is named for the long, deep section of the river that is locally known as the White Hole. That name was probably given to it years ago for the long streaks of white limestone that line the bottom of this deep section.  Coincidently, the original owner of this property was Carmen White. Carmen and his wife did well to pick this beautiful piece of property located on the inside bank of a big bend in the river.  They built the first building on the site with 2 rooms for rent back in the early 1970’s. Today, we have 10 rental units, a modern fishing dock with plenty of fishing boats available, and access to some of the finest fishing guides on the White River.

Small and large cabin-style accommodations are available to fit the need for most anyone. Our one-room units are great for 2 or 3 people. For more space and privacy, two-bedroom cabins are great.  For a group of 6 or more, even up to 15, consider one of our 4-bedroom cabins.  Have an even larger group? Then let us combine two or more cabins in a package along with boats, guides, and perhaps meals.  For more information about groups, click here.

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Wait and shop with us. We stock exactly what you need for this section of the White River. You can pre-order your bait shop supplies! Call and ask for details!
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