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Your Favorite Destination for Southern Hospitality & White River Fishing

TripAdvisor Reviews

"We had a great trip to White Hole Resort in Aug. 2014. The cabin was very clean and comfortable. The bed was just a bit hard for my preference, but that's better than too soft. We cooked our own meals. The kitchenette was small, but it served its purpose. I should have packed a few more of my own kitchen items, such as a good cutting board & sharp knives. My husband went out on a guided fishing trip, had a great trip, and we had fish for dinner that night. We rented a boat one afternoon to just go sight seeing on the river. We both agreed that we would return."

- Mandy from Denton, Texas


"My husband and I have been staying at this resort for many years, a couple of times a year. We always enjoy ourselves, and have a wonderful, peaceful time. The owners, Steve & Lin Willetts are absolutely wonderful people and hosts. We love to fish, but also love to sit out on our deck and just watch the river. I always say this is where I find my inner peace. You can get up early and watch the fog on the river and see it coming up from the river in millions of crystals. It rises on the roofs as steam from a sauna, and then the sunlight starts breaking through. White Hole Resort, in our opinion, is the prettiest place on the river. We bring our food because we enjoy cooking ourselves, but they do offer meals with your package. On some holidays, we meet our children here and have the best time. The cabins are nice, clean and comfortable. We've met people from many different places over the years while staying here, most of which are return guests, or new guests that say they will stay here again. I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is overall! Try it at least once and you'll be hooked. :)"

- Paige S. from Fayetteville, Arkansas


"Just returned from, I believe, my fourth visit to The White Hole resort and had, as usual, a great time. I've been fishing there with a group of friends that goes every year and this is a wonderful place for us to meet and enjoy the fellowship and gorgeous river.

We normally get there, as we did this year, in late October and the mornings can be, well, rather crisp. That's OK, however, because the trout seem to like it and we always catch lots of fish. This year was the best that any of us could remember with estimates ranging from 60 to (from the real, I mean fishermen) to 100+ fish per day. Suffice it to say there wasn't a dull moment and we all had a blast.

This group has been meeting yearly near Flippin Arkansas for, I guess, more than a dozen years, certainly before the Willetts bought the resort and made it their home. And home it is, with comfortable cabins, satellite TV for the football games we need to see, a laid-back and honest feel and, in our case, great food. The Willetts cook for larger groups as part of our package and, let me assure you, you won't go hungry. From the "breakfast" (brunch really, we go fishing at 6:30 and come back in to warm up and fill up at 9:30) of eggs, hash browns, sausage, biscuits and gravy or, by request, some other scrumptious dishes, to dinner in the evening, your get fed very well and very much. It really is good, down-home comfort food, served by the Willett family. It's pretty hard to beat that.

The White River is a world-class trout stream with many records to boast and The White Hole is a classic fishing resort with a long history on the river. Take your family and friends, enjoy the cabins -- all with kitchens or kitchenettes so you can do your own thing -- and catch some trophy fish... please just put the big ones back for the rest of us!

Oh, the guides at the place are superb. Most of them have been on the White River for years and years, some for their entire lives. They all have great stories to share and each one has always been both friendly and entertaining. Like of lot of guides, they get almost more excited than their guests when "the big one" takes a hook.

You can't go wrong here."

- DVenturesMark from Omaha, Nebraska


"We have stayed at this resort twice. It's clean, comfortable and a nice deck on the back facing the White River. The river is easily within walking distance and an easy walk. Satelite t.v. is available which is unusual for fishing cabins. Also, wifi works fine. Well maintained area. We will continue staying here."

- travelbug025 from Missouri

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