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The amount of traveling guests is substantially smaller during the months of November, December and January.  So, if you want to come for more solitude, consider these months. Certainly the temperatures are getting colder, so plan accordingly.

December:  The first snow of the season usually comes during December, though typically it is light and will be gone within a few days. The resort is open until the weekend after Christmas, but will be closed during the week of New Years Day.

January: Sometimes a dry month, sometimes a wet and snowy month.  Sometimes very mild, sometimes very cold.  We do keep alert to the weather.  If the temperatures are cold enough, we begin looking forward to the opportunity for shad to be brought into the river from Bull Shoals Lake.  If you enjoy the winter, plan to dress in layers and come enjoy the quiet of the river.

February:  Spawning season is over and the Catch and Release area at Bull Shoals Dam is open to fishing again. If the previous months have had enough rain, Bull Shoals Lake is usually rising and there will be more water coming down the river.  There is good opportunity for shad to be pulled through the dam from the lake at these conditions and the feast is on!  This does not happen every year, but when it does, you will want to be here.

Rain, snow, sleet, and ice are all very real possibilities during these months, so please be aware of the weather conditions.  The roads throughout the Ozark Mountains can become very treacherous.  If the conditions are too bad, we may advise you to not come.

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