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About the White River


White River

As the primary watershed for the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri, the White River is a very special and unique river. The river reportedly travels 722 miles from its origin southeast of Fayettville, Arkansas, northward into southern Missouri, then south-eastward across Arkansas to the Mississippi River.

Starting in the 1940’s and continuing into the 1960’s, four large reservoirs were established by the Army Corps of Engineers along the upper section of the White River in order to maintain flood control and to produce electric power. These reservoirs are now Beaver Lake, near Rogers, Arkansas; Table Rock Lake, near Branson, Missouri; Bull Shoals Lake in north-central Arkansas; and  Norfork Lake created on the major tributary, the north-fork of the White River.  Before these dams were created, this was a warm-water river system teaming with small mouth bass.  But because of the depth of the reservoirs, the tailwater outflow from the dams now runs cold – around 55 to 58 degrees year-round.  The clear, cold water below each dam is the perfect environment for trout!  The section of the river below Bull Shoals Dam is probably the best know part of the river for trout fishing as over 90 miles of the river is stocked year-round with literally millions of Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, and Brook trout.  Many record setting fish have been caught in this river system.  Your catch might just be the next record!


White Hole

Every shoal and deep section of the river was given a name by the original settlers and trappers that lived along the river. The White Hole Resort was founded in 1972 next to a particularly deep and long section know as the White Hole, approximately 7 miles below Bull Shoals Dam.

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