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The Resort
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Brown Line
Your Favorite Destination for Southern Hospitality & White River Fishing

Fishing On The White River

More than just a Great Fishing Hole!

Why fish with us when there are so many options? Because we have the perfect combination of location, accommodations, and services to make your fishing trip the one to remember.

Fishing on this river is not like any other place you have fished before.  There is something about the moving water, the hills, bluffs, wildlife, and the fish! 

Trout fishing on this river is not complicated, but it is different.  Whatever your experience level, you can almost always be successful at catching fish here.

Many different styles and methods work, too. You can stand on the bank, wade in the river (note: only on minimum flow), use one of our fishing boats, bring your own boat, or spend a day with a professional fishing guide.  You can fish with baits, spoons, spinners, soft-body lures, minnow-style lures, or flies. 

Fishing here is a great experience and one you won't soon forget.

Body Bottom
Wait and shop with us. We stock exactly what you need for this section of the White River. You can pre-order your bait shop supplies! Call and ask for details!
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