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Brown Line
Your Favorite Destination for Southern Hospitality & White River Fishing

Fish on Your Own

Wading in river 
 Wading on minimum flow

When the river is running at minimum flow, the gravel bar and shallows above our dock are great areas to wade, whether spin fishing or fly fishing.  The gravel bar is several hundred feet long with a shallow channel of water on the far side.  Flies, small jigs, spoons, and spinners are all successful lures in the channel.  PowerBaits, worms, and shrimp are always productive baits especially at the bottom of the gravel bar were the river gets deeper.  Waders are always recommended as the water is pretty chilly to stand in for very long.  Always be aware that the river level can change very quickly and without any warning.


If you don't want to stand in the river or the water level is up a bit, then the rocky or gravel banks either above or below our dock are always productive spots. The resort property provides about 400 feet of open river-front.  In addition, the White Hole public Access next to our property provides an additional 300 feet of river frontage that is all open and fishable.  Many folks even bring their camp chairs to sit in on the bank while fishing.  How's that for relaxing?

Bank fishing Bank Fishing
Bank fishing above dock Bank fishing below dock


If you have your own flat-bottom or shallow-running boat, then you are welcome to bring it.  The White Hole Public Access ramp is accessible from the resort property.  Keep in mind that the river can be very shallow.  During times of minimum flow, boats are functional through the White Hole area and for a short distance down river.  When the level is higher, then much more of the river can be traveled by boat.  

Boat fishing
Float Fishing in a White River John Boat
Body Bottom
Wait and shop with us. We stock exactly what you need for this section of the White River. You can pre-order your bait shop supplies! Call and ask for details!
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